Downhill is the solo musical project of Jon Matthews, a musician, recording/mix engineer from the North Coast of the South West of England, UK. The music is firmly planted in electronic genres, with influences including Aphex Twin, Depeche Mode, Goldie and Gary Numan.

Jon began creating electronic music in the early 90’s, at the age of eleven, using programs such as Octamed on the families Commodore Amiga computer, after having had a love of the various styles of electronica as a small child.

As is so often the case, life got in the way of creating music for Jon, although he concentrated on the recording and production of other artists in the local area, recording demos and undertaking live sound gigs for bands and solo musicians.

He released his first album, If It’s Too Loud…, on May 1st, 2017, although it was made back in 1997, remastering the tracks that had many of their roots back on the Amiga. He then followed that up with the 3 track EP, A Mixxed Bag, in June of the same year. In March of 2018 he released a 4 track EP, The Snowday EP, having been snowed in for a week, in a small village in Devon.

Currently Jon is working on “12 in 21” where he is releasing a new track on the first Friday of each month for 2021. He has decided to revisit the 90’s, creating the tracks using equipment from that time period – using C-Lab’s Notator from ’93 on an Atari STe from ’89 as the main sequencer.

In the future, apart from working on his musical projects, Jon also hopes to expand his recording studio business by offering his services to more of the local music community.





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